Wednesday, January 19, 2005

wednesday again..

time is flyin by now, i mean i've been here for over 3 weeks! how crazy is that?

Yesterday was a really fun day for me, i got to church and we had a fun staff meeting where we just giggled the whole way through and ate bbq chicken pizza! (all coz i said it was the best and they said pepperoni was so seeing as i'm odd they got the bbq chicken and ended up loving it :oD )

After the meeting i drove to Franklin (about 20 minutes outside of nashville) to visit the Big Idea studios (the company that's responsible for Veggietales), i was so excited about this one. The company just recently moved down to Nashville from Chicago and are gettin settled into their new offices but it was really cool to go and see what all they do. Karen, who is a design director for Big Idea and originally worked for Disney, showed me round and told me about what they do. Most of their work is designing merchandise and publishing books as well as storyboarding new videos and designing the look of them. All the animation is done out of house in Canada, but it was really cool to see how they start from a drawing on paper and work with that to create the books and hats and t shirts and toys and so on. It was a great time and i left with a free DVD and a couple of books and all too, i was so happy heehee.

But onto my next quest of the day.....another high school basketball game at Brentwood Academy who were playing Pope John Paul II High School. I went with Jacquie and Adam to support a girl called Merritt for her game where she scored first and the team won 39-25, then the guys game was after that where we supported Tyler from the church too and the team won 72-44. It was a good night but it was also a long day so i was left exhausted.

Well things on the agenda for the next few days.....

  • tonight we have Lost and Found (which is being renamed Wednesday night Explosion) which beforehand we have the church dinner: they have a dinner altogether on Wednesday nights so they can have fellowship before the discipleship classes they have each week. Last week there were about 150 people there, so it's cool to meet people and get asked "so you're scottish right?" heehee
  • i've to make another banner for First Club so need inspiration on design and so on for that
  • my task for the next few days is also to make cookies from scratch.... thankfully with Jacquie's help. Then cookies will all be bagged up nicely with a note and then sent to all the volunteer youth leaders to say thanks for all the work they do.
  • have a swim meet that i may have to go to tomorrow night at Harpeth Hall. Anne Carney, one of the girls i'm living with now, is on the swim team and has been put down for the 500m despite the fact she normally does the 50m/100m. So she'll need some good support for that.
  • up coming ski trip: still some stuff to prepare, like new posters and gettin more food in for their lunches and the like, sorting out leaders information packs and so on.

So all in all i've lots to be gettin on with, guess i should maybe do that then huh? Hmmmmmmmmmmm ok well I'm gonna go, c ya all later, thanks for readin this mega long post!


At 11:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

PHEW! im exhausted just thinking about all that - but its fantastic experience and that's why ur there! will be praying for stamina and that u have fun doing it all. hands up who's jealous of you getting to see Veggie land?! (a sea of hands are raised). u will be an expert on US sports by the end of this! thanks for keeping us up to date - God bless!


At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh it all sounds so exciting... Jealous...

Keep it up kiddo, still praying lots for ya ;)

Sarah xxooxox


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