Thursday, December 30, 2004

still fattenin up

Yes I'm back and as I said earlier I'm spendin the next few days gettin to know some of the young people and to see what school and life generally is like in Nashville. It's been real interesting today so far, had breakfast in Waffle House with a few of the guys as I've said already, and just had lunch with a girl called Meg who's real nice, she's moved to Nasville just recently so it was interestin for us to follow directions to get to a place when neither of us knew where we were goin.

I'm expectin a couple more girls to call by about 3 to go out for coffee..... more than likely Starbucks heehee.

Well a few things to be prayin for......

  • that i don't start sayin "y'all" every five seconds
  • for the meetings with the young people that are lined up for me over the next few days
  • for getting used to the american way of life here and that i don't miss things at home too much.... it is quite a culture shock
  • there's rumours that i might have access to a car soon, so pray i remember to drive on the right hand side of the road and so on if it happens.

This Sunday will be my first Sunday at the church and I'll be meeting lots of new people there so it should be a good day. The weather's still good here, i'm usually just wearin 2 t-shirts and jeans and i'm nice and cosy for the day but it's apparently a warm week for winter here. I'm also working on cutting out paper into different shapes to make scrapbooks for the graduating class where they fill them with pictures of stuff each person has done in the youth group through the years and so on so it's a lot of work. Also have my first Church Staff and a Youth Staff meeting on Tuesday morning so there's a few things to keep me busy anyway.

Can't think of much else right now but I'll keep you up to date when i can.

God Bless


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