Saturday, January 01, 2005

happy new year!!!!

OK, so i'm feelin much better today, i got to go out and just have a simple restaurant type meal with Jacquie and her husband Greg. Turns out Greg used to work in another branch of the restaurant and knew most of the staff who worked there, at the end of the night they asked if we wanted dessert, we said no cos we were so full, so they said dinner was on the house, it was so nice of them and we were so glad of it, but left a big tip anyway. Then we went to the cinema to see Oceans 12...... very good movie btw but I'll not spoil anythin for ya. Got home for 1am local time (7am back in norn irn) and went to bed. It was a good night and glad i was able to just hang out with them.

Today's my day off so I've been out for breakfast at this place called Bread and Company where they do lots of different types of bread and buns and they do scrambled eggs with lots of stuff in them so they're kinda like omlettes but apparently not.

Right well I'm off to the mall to go shoppin for a cell phone again heehee.

Bye for now


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