Friday, December 31, 2004

uh oh

OK so normally you all avoid the roads when i'm drivin in the UK, and now it turns out i've got the loan of someone's car while they're out of town, so I'm gonna send a news report into CNN or whatever tellin nashville to stay off the road if they see me coming cos i'm sure i'll try drivin on the right hand side heeehee.

Anyways today was filled with more meetin people and hangin out with them and stuff so it was fun, only it was starbucks for the 3rd day in a row and lots more fast food so i feel like a huge bloat and might start goin to the gym (have also somehow got hold of a free gym pass, ain't that handy) to make sure i don't come home lookin like i'm 30 stone or somethin.

I got home last night feelin quite emotional and tired and i still feel a bit the same today, the whole travellin so far and takin in so much information in such a short space of time kind of got to me. I guess i miss havin people i know around me and hearin the norn irn accent too, so if anyone wants to email anything please add loads of norn irish phrases heehee.

For now tho I'm gonna go and try get a cell phone that i can use out here in case i'm lost drivin etc so I'll see ya soon and Happy New Year.



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