Friday, January 14, 2005

and away i go...

Yup i'm off to Indiana today for the weekend so if you don't hear from me on monday, send a rescue team to Perfect North Ski Resort and you'll find me buried under snow there somewhere.

But on a lighter note..... Wednesday night went really well when i was talkin, the kids got so excited about Preparing Youth for Peace and StreetReach and really wanna come and get involved. One of the 13 yrs olds said to his dad "Dad if i give my $2 and you give $2 we can make a big difference to the peace in Northern Ireland" So his dad gave him $10 and told him to give that, it was just so cool and i was so encouraged by them.

For now tho i gotta rush off and pack for going away and get forms and all sorted and put together.

Speak to you all soon............ hopefully :oS lol


At 12:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm Yes. Ski-ing. But Ruthie dear you kind end up good at most things so I'm sure twill be fine. I'm praying lots anyhoo though,

Sarah xoxox

At 7:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well based on that looksie I had at the ski website you have left to go to an awesome place. Hopefully the drive didn't do your head in since it was so far away! Too bad it wasn't in Illinois I coulda came and helped you learn to ski. Gwen's plane came in on time and I stayed up late....meaning im totally wrecked now since I had only 5 hours sleep!!! That's half of what I'm used to. Thanks so much for caling! Luv Mel

At 10:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi hi hi! sounds like ur having a crazy ole time! how're the energy levels??? keep takin that moonshine and u'll get by! Hope ur gaining lots of good ideas for smog!!! not sure they'll be up for doing what i'm learning here!

PS did i tell u i met the man of my dreams? problem is, i had a little ironic-alanis-morissette-moment when ten minutes later i met his wife and child. hermmm... nip that one in the bud pretty snappy!

At 5:38 PM, Blogger ruthiebabes said...

have a few ideas for smog, but we'll soon see when we get home what the craic is and so on. sorry to hear bout the guy.... but i'm sure you're havin fun lookin while you're there anyways ;o)

As for energy, right now feel like i'm gonna die i'm so tired and i didn't even ski! lol Think talkin about the emerald isle all day and explaining that 'soccer' is the real football can be exhausting though heehee, but hey it's all good and i'm havin a ball.

And Mel, the place did look good, but unfortunately i didn't get to ski, just read the newest post to hear bout that misfortune.

C ya!


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