Sunday, January 09, 2005

feels like heaven!!!!!

Feels like heaven cos i found a chinese take away here amongst all the drive thru fast food places..... and it was a take out buffet thing! how cool eh?

Well it've been kept well busy since i last posted, I've been putting lots of paperwork and information packs together for the ski trips, cutting out circles of papaer to decorate stuff for an event that's on in church 2moro morning (which i'll explain a bit more of in a minute), have been on the phone to people to get them to come help set up for the event and lots of other little jobs.
Today tho i have been moved from Judy's House to live with the Raines. It's a really nice house and they have me living in a guest house apartment thing at the top of their garden, so i moved in this morning and then this afternoon was at Rocketown which i mentioned in my twenty one hours later post because it was their 2nd Birthday Bash so i got a funky t shirt and was helpin out there for a bit. After that i hit the mall to look around so i could relax a bit before working tonight and all of 2moro.

Tonight I'm helping to get set up done for First Club which is a monthly event the church has for the youth instead of Sunday School for them before church where all sorts of crazy antics occur, I've been put in charge of the powerpoint (i can't escape can i? heehee). Tonight however we need to set that up, get the band all sorted as well as decorating the hall and checking sound and so on so on.

Tomorrow, there's First Club, then Church, then a 7th Graders fun afternoon, then I've a Bible Study with some 9th Grade Girls where we'll go to paint pottery afterward for a bit, then there's meetings with all the parents for the 2 ski trips that are coming up. (Side note i've been put in charge of the learning to ski group and have to make sure they're ok and learning with me and so on..... can you pray i do alright with that please?). After all those meetings i'm going home to bed and then up at about 6am for a 7th grade bible study.... i think, but maybe that's the week after.

Anyways that's my goss for now, will check in with ya all soon and thanks for all your messages guys, it's been cool to read them and know that people are checkin this thing from time to time heehee.



At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

RUTH!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Yes. Hmmm. I think I've overdosed on tea this morning.

Ya know, its posts like that that make me wanna be a youth worker. I wanna cut out paper circles and stuff. Good to hear you are still having fun!

Praying for the whole skiing thing, amongst everything else (unfortuantely the good book does not contain any ski-related referenecs, but I'll have another look later on ;))

Love The Squeeze.........

At 11:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

u sound in your elephant, err, element! i am sure you will take to each of those tasks like a duck to a ski slope (feathers everywhere but effective). go you - we know ur doing yourself, and the Lord, proud. keep at it! :)


ps did u order honey chili chicken by any chance....?

At 12:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just want to reply to hi there by the way...that in fact as near impossible as it is to LOCATE actual cadbury...what Ruthie found was actual Cadbury. I know of a place near Chicago that is a total tourist wee town and they have an 'irish' shop and they sell Cadbury as well..but I'm not very well driving 3-4 hours to buy the to you soon darlin! luv mel

At 8:16 PM, Blogger ruthiebabes said...

no it wasn't honey chilli chicken, the best i could get was a chinese buffet takeout thing so it was a mix of things i really didn't know what it was but it satisfied my craving for a bit.

Will post more soon

At 12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im proud of you hun, u r doin so well, hope things are goin good, iv been prayin for you daily. Luv ya heaps. Keith

At 5:32 PM, Blogger Rachel Gilmore said...

yeh yeh yada yada yada... come onto my blog, moan that i have TWO posts (woo.) then bog off back to yer own and get a million. PAH!

lol, just kidding i always new u had a bigger fan base than me!!! glad to hear ur keepin it real over there and dont worry about the accent thing as i'll prob keep u company in the soundin ridiculous category at home seeing as i'm living with an american/dutch family and have to say things their way to their lil 18 month yr old so he won't start speaking norn irish. (secretly i'm teaching him to say "wat abite ye mocker ay'll knack yer pawn in rayte?" its coming along swimmingly...)

ps french keyboards are very freaking awkward.

hugs and prayers, Rachelle xx

At 11:49 PM, Blogger ruthiebabes said...

aye raite pawl! jus tal em te wine yer nek in!


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