Monday, January 03, 2005

the swing of things...

well i've had lots to be said that has been buzzin round in my head to say, but when i got here to give an update my head's gone blank..... don't ya just hate when that happens.

Oh yeah the mobile/cell phone hunt..... i found out i could get a sim card to put in my own fone but when i went to buy it found out that one of the kids at the church will be getting a new phone for their birthday and could give me their old one to use the last of the credit and stuff..... so i'm still driving about nashville not knowin where i am with no way of phonin people to find out and so on. Ah well, i've survived a week of drivin in circles... i'll survive a bit more. Generally tho i'm doin well on the finding my way about

So yesterday was my first Sunday in Nashville, and at First Presbyterian. It started off at 9:45am at the College Sunday School where we were talking about making your faith portable in the world and knowing how to face obstacles when doing that.... which was a real helpful class for me never mind the college kids.
After that was church and i couldn't find my way to the church from the meeting room cos the class had all gone on into church and i decided to try get a drink of water before goin in, so eventually when i did find my way i didn't know where to sit cos there were no seats left with the young people and so on, so i randomly sat on my own at the end of a pew. The service itself was so different from my home church service too, there was so much liturgy and saying it in a Northern Irish accent with this mass American accent thing goin on around me was kinda weird, plus they used different tunes for all the hymns that i knew the words of..... so confusing, was a totally different church language to me. They also pass round this roll book type thing during the service where you've to write your name and tick a box to say if you're a member of the church or it was your first time or u wanted a visit and so on so on.... i just stared at the page for a while tryin to work out what to do, heehee.
We had communion too during the service and i have to say i must have grown fond of my shortbread and ribena in church cos the dehydrated chip of potato and grape juice they had here left a funny taste in my mouth, but it was cool to have communion with them and be a part of the family as it were.... i was also dead excited about that cos i know my own church had communion yesterday too, so it was like i was kind of at home still.

Anyways onwards in the tale of my Nashville Adventure..... i went home to Judy's after church and ended up makin some cookies and stuff with her..... so much fun, i gotta do that more often back home...... and after that we headed out to a restaurant and all i wanted to eat was chips...... no not the american kind but real chips, not french fries but big fat chips. However i was only able to find skinny ones so they had to do with some ketchup and salt, was real nice and comforting to me.

So after that i rushed off to the 10th grade (about 5th year in Norn Irish terms) Bible Study where we were lookin at Revelation and it was a real cool study to be at cos it was just readin the text and discussin what it meant, so simple but so imformative and interesting. To close the meeting, Adam (one of the Youth Workers at the church) explained about how his girlfriend came running into the office the other day sayin that they had to move to Sri Lanka straight away to be part of the aid relief for the tsunami, he said, "ya know there's somethin better we can do, we're american, what have we got????? money!!!! we can do a lot of fundraising and send it" So what he's planning on doing is giving the youth of the church a target of about $20,000 to gather up and he'll be buggin the church to match the money raised by the youth so that double is sent out to them. Cool eh? I've been totally overwhlemed by the generousity of the people here, they have such a heart to just give give give and they so want to help where ever they can. So this Sunday at their monthly meeting he'll be tellin all the youth of the church about it and sendin them out with a target of raising at least $100 each before the next monthly meeting.

Anyways i gotta go now for a meeting but can ya pray for the staff meetings i've to go to tomorrow? Should be fun, c ya soon


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