Thursday, January 13, 2005

photo time...

Yes so i promised these ages ago and i think people look here more for updates instead of the site so here's some pictures for you all to see

These are my wheels for gettin round nashville, what ya think?
OK so the right hand wing mirror's missing, the handle for the windscreen wipers is broke but it still gets from A to B quite well.... and it's a manual instead of automatic like most cars in the US heehee.

This is some of the girls from the 10th Grade bible study.

This is some of the girls from Lost and Found that was last night.

These guys are members of the Extravangaza Squad that help Adam put together the monthly First Club meeting.

Adam and one of the Extravanganza Squad playin foosball in the youth office.

This is the 9th and 10th grade girls activity Bible Study group where we went to a place called Brushfire and painted pottery.

This is me with Judy, my first host mom.

This is the Raines Family (from left to right: Dan, Evelyn, Farris and Anne Carney.) who I'm stayin with for the rest of my time here, they're a cool family and the girls are real nice to hang out with.

This is Rocketown in downtown Nashville, a Christian youth hangout for skaters and bikers as well as a venue for youth bands and a underground club.

This is inside Rocketown on their 2nd Birthday where I was helping out for the day, they had loads of bouncy castles and fun things goin on and a Battle of the Bands and all too.

This was me after the Rocketown party, back at the youth office helping with the crazy set up for First Club the next day.

The host for First Club was Caldwell accompanied by his dog sidekick Gomer, it was a fun morning. The theme was "You've been spotted" so we had lots of spot games and a video about spotting people before 6am in their bed and stuff, lots of good banter. We also had the performance group....

...."People in Spots" come and perform lots of situations, the one in the picture is " People in spots popping a zit" heehee

This is all some of the artwork I've been doing for the youthwork while I've been here...

The "You've Been Spotted" bulletin board.

The "You've Been Spotted" present which was used as a prop for Caldwell to jump out of at the start of the meeting. It was finished off with a cool orange lid and everything but I forgot to take a picture of that so this is the box just half done now lol.

Finally the Pancake Supper poster, it will be a fundraiser for all their missions teams and will have a Surfing/Hawaiian theme so they've called it "Syrup's Up", pretty clever i thought.

Well that's all for now, i'll have a report later about how last night went and all that jazz. C ya later.



At 11:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well thanx Ruthie - its wonderful to see some of what u have been up to and some of the people u have met. Im not sure about the wig but otherwise its great to see u too! Well done last night - hope it really encourages u.

have a great time on the piste! :)


At 4:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

AWW Ruthie!! You won't be there for the Syrup's Up Party!! It sounds soo class too! Such good craic. Aye like. (sorry just trying to get as many irish words in there as possible). Did you get a mob yet? Luv mel

At 11:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOohhhhhhhhhhhh foties! Thats quite excitamulating. Hmmmmm interesting wig my dear,

Still praying,

Squeezethe Cheese


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