Thursday, January 20, 2005


Well i went to the church dinner last night and it was all going well, real good food, (mind you they drenched the potatoes in orange cheese but we're over it now), good chat, sang a great hymn that i love and prayed...... then disaster struck. One of the staff at the church called Bill who was hosting the end of dinner worship decided to surprise me and introduce to the whole church and typically i had my mouth full and he made me stand on the chair i was sittin on and i went bright red.... thankfully the kids i was sittin with were supportive and kept goin "ha ha you're bright red" So if ever you're in Nashville and you see this man i command you give him a bit of a scolding for embarassin me! heehee.

The rest of the night was greeted by loads of people just comin up and sayin stuff like "so you're from Ireland? Ya know I've always wanted to go to Scotland." I mean what can ya say to that except "yeah Scotland's great". But if you'd like to read up on the Wednesday night school for adults they have at First Presbyterian, you can check here and here

Hmmmm anyways. At the minute I'm sitting in the youth office getting ready to do some more powerpoint cos apparently "Ruthie's very good at it", flattering and yes i do enjoy it but how do people work this stuff out? Is it tattoed on my back or somethin? Heehee, well i'm gonna go have fun doin that now so i'll speak to you again soon.

Hope all is well with you guys back home, speak soon

Love Ruth xox


At 7:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aww, poor little red girl. At least they seem to have appreciated how lucky they are to have u there, and maybe you will have convinced them of some important things, like bbq chicken pizza is way better than pepperoni! Glad u r getting lots of opportunity to increase your patience threshold - always good for youth ministry! Are we getting to hear anything about what God is teaching you here? ;) All the best with the cookie making - save me one!


At 1:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aww poor Ruthie!

In other news..where are the mcvitties? have you asked about getting some shipped over here? lol

I'll stop by and gave bill a hard time...sure next time i'm



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