Friday, January 21, 2005

freakin out!

ARGH!!!!!!! They're bringing an extra guitar this weekend for me to play!!!! Please pray, i might just cry cos i'm not that good and so on so pray that i learn from it to either never do it again or to actually learn how to play heehee.

Other than that life is goin good. All the youth staff and Mark Schultz went to a local school to have a birthday party for one of the girls from the church, it was a fun afternoon. Now i'm gettin ready to head out for the ski trip and i'm determined to ski.... so there's another prayer point, that i actually get to ski and that when i do that i don't actually get hurt.

Well I'll speak to ya all on Monday, have a good weekend!


At 5:48 PM, Blogger your one and only number one fan said...

Hi toots
glad your weekend went well and you came home in one piece,instead of pieces Mum was happy to hear your parcel arrived. They were asking about you in church again their glad your doing so well. Oh on Sunday I got 5 green 1 yellow and 1 orange no black or red gums must be hiding till you come home. BFN XOXOX


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