Thursday, February 03, 2005

they're after me lucky charms!

Wow, a lot's happened over the last couple of days.... lets see if i remember it all.....

I've spent most of the last 2 days on 2 computers atthe same time one to scan photos for one powerpoint, the other was to set up a different powerpoint so it's been fun. I've also to take some time soon to teach the youth directors at the church how to set up and use powerpoint.... so it's powerpoint mania here at the minute.

Tuesday I also was taken out for dinner to Houstons with the Raines', it was delicious! Fantastic grill chicken burger and cheese and totally amazing fries/chips. Was just a fun night, we told lots of riddles and jokes (blonde jokes mostly tho they did try to tell irish jokes.... i was havin none of it heehee)

After that, we went home and i played on Adam's laptop and went on MSN for the first time in weeks!!! I love that the Raines' have a wireless network :oD

Wednesday was a funny day, but a great day. I came into the Tyne House (youth work HQ) and scanned some more photos argued with powerpoint 97 for not allowing me to insert an mp3 (still haven't won that battle yet but I'll get there).

In the afternoon I visited Preston Taylor Ministries where I helped out at the after school homework club with a few 3rd grade kids (7/8 yrs old). It's in an area that would be similar to like the Shankill or whatever. So I spent a while heling some of the kids to do their homework and also read a book with them. Then they got for individual time with a teacher to read and focus on how to break up words. I'm tellin ya it's hard teaching american kids how to say shower and not teach it in a Norn Irn accent heehee. But it was a great day. In fact when i arrived there the first kid who came, walked up to me and said "what you want then?" and pulled 3 pieces of wool from his pocket, plaited a bracelet for me and tied it to my wrist. It was very sweet.

After that i arrived back at the church (after sitting in huge traffic on the I-440 and I-65 grrrrrrr) and joined the rest of church for the evening meal where i had cream corn for the first time.... was quite nice really.

Immediately after that we had our Wednesday night youth group where they had a party to celebrate me. We had an "Irish Dance Off", blindfolded some kids and made them tell us what shape marshmallow they had from a box of Lucky Charms, then they sat round and told their favourite "Ruth stories", a couple of the guys even wrote a "Ruth song", it was hilarious. They're all so sweet and had all written little messages on cards for me to take away with me... I was gettin all teary eyed and was just so overwhelmed . Was a great night and it's just makin me sadder to leave here.

To explain the title a little.... they had given me a present from the youth directors as well as all the kids signing messages onto a box of Lucky Charms, it's so cool, can't wait to put it pride of place in my room when i get hom, but i told them i wonder if customs will take them on me at the airport and they said "You should do what the leprecaun says in the advert and say 'They're after me lucky charms!' " heehee

Today so far, I woke at 5:30am, went to an early morning Bible Study for 9th grade girls (14/15 yrs old) where one of their group leaders is Amy Grant, she got a letter from a fan thanking her for her music and told Amy a bit of her life story and some of the struggles she's had, so the group decided to help her by raising money for something to help this woman, cool eh?

Then I went to an adults Bible Study Class with Jacquie. Since then I've been in the office again workin on powerpoint and actually about to take a break and go get ice cream at Sonic so I'll c you all later!!!

Loves yas!


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