Monday, January 31, 2005

long day

It all started at 5:30am this morning, i woke up threw the alarm across the room and dozed for another 10 minutes, then i had to get up, eat, dress, wash etc then go to Starbucks for an early morning Bible Study with some of the girls from Harpeth Hall. After that I went to our all day staff meeting which started at 9am and lasted to 5pmish and even then we only covered about 6 pages of the 16page agenda so we'll go thru some of it on a more casual basis over the next week.

What's come out of that meeting has been a few things:

  • I've to do 3 powerpoint presentations with music for different events coming up over the next 2 months that'll each last about 15 minutes or so.... it's just as well i'm keen heehee
  • I've to review their youth website and help come up with ideas on how to improve it, so technically i'm not missing out on a web working group meeting in the end Graeme and Alan haha!
  • They also gave the go ahead to send a team of about 12/13 young people to come to NI in the summer and do StreetReach. I'm so excited about that cos not only will i see some of them again but some of you guys will get to meet them and they'll get to see where i live and what i do!

At the end of the meeting tho i found that my car had died and Ellie and I needed to jump start the car with neither of us ever having done it! But we succeeded in our mission, so i got a photo, we were just so excited!

Then after that excitement i drove to the church for a meeting at 6pm to come up with ideas and stuff for First Club this Sunday, which will be a good day but i've loads of work to do in preparation for that.... like the powerpoint lol.

For now though, I'm k-nackered and going home to sleep and I'll talk to you all again soon.

Thanks for being so faithful, I'm really appreciating it!
Ruth xox


At 11:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hurrah! Ruth the Babe has found some 'puter related activities! How come I had a bizarre feeling about stuff like that happening.....?

AND the reason we are all so faithful with our prayers is we can definately see God working in you and shining through you. I'm sure the youth of First Presby Nashville aren't the only ones who have benefited (sp?).

Tell ya what, when I'm home at Easter we can recreate some of the Starbucks bible study goodness!

Speak to ya soon deary,

Sarah xoxo

At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think, like the Chinese food, the 'puter related activities find Ruth...ever feel like God is telling you something? I agree wholeheartedly with your comments about how God uses her, Sarah - i know uwill just roll you eyes, Ruthie, just hope God has given you more clarity and confidence in who you are in Christ while you have been over there. 152,872 members of your fan club can't be wrong! (and one of those is God so don't argue)

may God give you strenth, fortitude, and a love for coffee :)



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