Sunday, January 30, 2005

sleepy girl

I'm feelin awful tired today! I dunno what's up with me but hey i'm doin well. Sunday School went well this morning, we started out with 20 questions about Ireland which were all good interesting questions though nothing new to answer i think. After that I taught the lesson on God answering prayer which went well, the kids were a bit hesitant to discuss stuff but they did real well and i hope they took something away from it.

After that i went to church where they had all their new elders and deacons dedicated/installed/ordained. Then went off to lunch with Bo, Adam and Jamie and had a Bison burger and awesome chips! (Kinda like the ones my dad makes, they were good..... had the heinz and everything :oD )

After that I've been hangin around the church waiting for the Stuff and Mail tonight which should be fun. I'll be doing the powerpoint for it so it'll be real fun heehee.

Some more prayer requests (or reminders)

  • It's my friend's funeral tomorrow, please pray for her family. I'd so love to be able to be there but help me to see that I'm meant to be here.
  • We have our all day staff meeting tomorrow which might be tiring for all of us so pray for stamina and clarity of thought so we get through everything quickly.
  • Can ya also pray that i get everything i wanna do done before i go? I've only a week to go now and I know I'm gonna be sad to leave so pray bout that too.

Thanks again for reading, just remember how much i appreciate your support and prayers.



At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhh my little wardrobe door of prayer post-its is gonna look so empty when I have no Nashville Adventure to pray for. Teeheehee. You got PINK post-its and everything.

Hope the tiredness subsides: sometimes when you are the visitor to places its kinda like being a performing seal or something, but glad you're doing well anyhoo.

Keep us posted on the staff day and stuff,

Sarah xoxoxo

At 4:01 PM, Blogger Rachel Gilmore said...

Hey girl!

How encouraging to see that ur posts are just as long as mine! i'm sooo excited for u as i can totally see how God can use u out there! you love and He loves that you love it! the question is... what will we do when u don't come back...?

Enjoy ur hol once the placement is up and i'll cu once again at the BBC studios, Norn Iron. long live shut-yer-bake-aye-ask-yer-ma.



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