Friday, January 28, 2005

oh yeah....

..... i'm supposed to update this aren't i? Hmmmm so what all have i been up to?

Monday: day off, i drove to Cool Springs to give stuff to one of the kids who left it in my car then went to the mall..... absolutely amazing chinese food found me. I was just walkin through the mall and came across the food court when right in front of me was a man with a sample on a cocktail stick.... it was just so delicious i had to get more so he filled my plate with it and loads of rice so i scoffed the lot.

Tuesday: We had a staff meeting and discussed the ski trip a little bit, talked about the Stuff and Mail that will be happening this Sunday (where the kids going on mission teams will get together and write letters to the people in the congregation asking for support for their teams and so on. Also talked about the next First Club which will be on my last day here and the theme will be "Super Irish Sunday" so guess who's hosting with Caldwell? lol Also spent the rest of Tuesday sorting out what i was going to say at the Wednesday night group as i was the speaker again

Wednesday: I got some bad news from home that a girl from my church died quite suddenly. Can you all pray for her family at this difficult time? It's kind of frustrated me that i can't be there to help in anyway but I know God has me here for a reason.
So the rest of the day was filled with the church dinner and then Wednesday night youth group. I was talkin about James 1 which i had all sorted in my head but i'm not sure i communicated it so well, but i'm sure God's used it somehow and I'm happy with that.

Thursday: I joined a women's bible study at Christ Presbyterian where we looked at Daniel 9. I really enjoyed it because it was like being in class at BBC again and was a real stimulating time. They were also very sweet and gave me a daily devotional book, it was such a generous gift and it's a great book, i've really enjoyed it so far (even tho i've only read 2 days heehee)
After this i went with Jacquie back to cool springs mall so we could have great chinese food (you should have seen the smile on my face heeeeeeeeee :oD) Then we went to Walmart to buy some personal items as well as stuff to put into care packages to send to kids from the church who are at boarding school. Then we visited the Tyne House at church to see everyone and leave stuff there then off to Jacquie's to make more cookies. We did Oatmeal and Choc Chip ones this time, one word to describe them...... fantabulatic!!!!! So scrummy. We also wrote the letters for the out of town kids.
After that i had dinner at Judy's house (the lady i stayed with while i was first here) because she wanted me to meet her daughter Robin. She was so nice and real friendly. She just asked lots questions about Norn Irn, it was a good night. But after that i went home and got some kip.

Friday: namely today, i am about to leave to go and see one of the kids called Charlotte for lunch at her school, then after that I'll be sorting out my Sunday School lesson for this week. Will also be callin round some of the kids to arrange times and things to go to Waffle House for breakfast tomorrow then i'm going to go ice skating with some of the other kids tomorrow afternoon.

Things to pray for?

  • Monday is going to be an all day youth staff meeting. Pray that we know God's will for the upcoming events and the future of the ministry in the church.
  • There has been a new girl who has recently began coming to the youth group and has signed up to go on the Costa Rica team with this church, pray that she gets to know people, particularly those on her team, and that she settles into the youth group.
  • Jacquie's husband Greg has been having a rough time lately at the church he is working at, it is a new church plant, but they're already having some problems. Can you pray for Greg and Jacquie that they'll know God's will for them with this church.
  • For my last week here, i feel there's still a lot to be done, pray i don't get worn out or anything and that i'll continue to learn from my time here. For this weekend's Sunday School lesson for the 12th grade class amongst other things.

Well yet again that's another long post and sorry for the delay in getting it to you, but thanks for being so faithful and reading it. You guys rock!
Love ya!



At 4:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's been so good to read it all Ruthie and will be funny not having it to check out when you get back. Maybe you'll keep it going and give us insight into life in BBC....

Hope this morning went well ...hmm you're probably doing it right now..."please God be with Ruthie and her Sunday School class this morning. amen."...and hope you have a really interesting day tomorrow and learn a lot about the ministry there.



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