Wednesday, February 09, 2005

lazy days

I'm feelin well chilled out and stuff now, but definately missin Nashville and all the stuff I would be doin if I was still there. They had the Pancake Supper last night to raise money for mission teams which I'm sorry I missed but it was great to be a part of organising it and so on.

Yesterday however I spent the day trying to see if I could meet up with holly and Natalie, two girls who went to Belfast Bible College last term but are now back at their own college (Moody Bible Institute) in Chicago, but it didn't work out unfortunately, but it was cool to see round their campus anyway.

The rest of the day Mel and I went to the Art Institute and then onto the Museum of Science and Industry and saw the Body Worlds exhibit, which i was real excited about... weirdo that i am, plus Mel enjoyed hearin me waffle on about what all I'd learnt in University and so on.

After all that excitment we got in her car and came to her house near Moline and had dinner with her Mum and Dad and then just hung out for a while and went to bed..... today's much the same.... so it's going great and I'm appreciating the break between the placement and next term.

Well for now I'm gonna go watch the Superbowl, which mel taped on Sunday but it'll be good :oD
C ya soon


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