Saturday, February 05, 2005

final day....

Well it's my final 24 hrs in Nashville, I can't believe how fast the time has gone but it's been amazing.

Right i need to clarify cos Mel has been asking questions about it and i wrote it in a hurry......
Amy Grant wasn't actually at the Bible study on Thursday morning, she told this story the previous week, this week she's out of town but the bible study still focused on the woman they're gonna help.

Friday, I decided i was feeling quite tired so i slept in for a bit, then did a few messages. After that I went to see the Parthenon with Jacquie, which is a replica of the original parthenon in Greece.... it was just so big, i was in awe at the detail in the structure.

After that I finished off the powerpoint for First Club this Sunday, only I just found out i need to change the scripture that's in it, but it should only take about 3 minutes to do all that.

Today I joined Chase and Jamie at Waffle House for breakfast and then went to the Presbyterian Women's (PWA for all the Irish Presbys) retreat day where we focused on how to rest in our hectic lives and learn how to relax our minds and focus on Scripture. It was a real fun day, we also had a break in between and walked round Traveller's Rest which is the plantation of John Overton, an old local judge who had many links with First Presbyterian as well as being a very good friend of ex President Andrew Jackson, so it was vry interesting.

Well tomorrow is First Club with the theme being "Super Irish Sunday" to celebrate me and the Superbowl all at once. I'm hosting it with Caldwell so I'm feelin a bit nervous about that cos I really don't know what I've to do yet. I'm also scared I'm either going to be really embarassed or else get teary eyed cos it'll be loads of goodbyes and stuff. (I'm such a wuss heheee).

I'd appreciate if people could pray that I get all I want to do done in the few hours I have left here cos there's still some people that I wanna have a chat with before I do leave. Also pray that my flight and stuff works out ok and that I get to Chicago for my week with Mel.

Well this is probably my last post from Nashville so I'll see y'all in Chicago ;o)



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