Saturday, February 12, 2005

3 states in 5 minutes...

The past couple of days, Mel and I have been out and about for most of the day. Thursday was spent around Moline seeing John Deere, where her mum works.... where we were also showcased to all her co-workers so i was back again tellin people about Ireland and so on.

After that we ran a few errands and visited the places where she works(Fireworks and Sedlak's Studio), then later on went into Iowa to see Iowa 80, the worlds biggest lorry stop which was pretty big and we had fun lookin round the shop and so on. Then we went to meet up with Mel's friend Gwen and have dinner with her, then went to see Gwen playin Volleyball. Gwen was disgusted with Mel when she discovered I hadn't been taken to Whiteys to get ice cream so i was taken there and told to ask for samples of loads of the flavours... was sooo good, ended up getting a sugar cone with white chocolate raspberry and choc chip cookie dough, very tasty.

Today, we woke up early and went to Dickeyville in Wisconsin and went to visit the grotto then came back through Iowa and into Illinois again in the space of 5 minutes to head to Galena for the afternoon to have lunch in a place called Fried Green Tomatoes which was just amazin, then walked round the town and looked in all the little shops and had fun. While we were there we also visited an Irish Cottage where we found..... drumroll please..... Tayto Crisps!!!!! and Cadbury made in the UK!!!!! Was like gold dust, just beautiful. Arrived home today feeling really sleepy and plannin on headin to bed shortly, but we'll see what happens.

Tomorrow, we'll be making cookies, maybe going to fireworks to paint pottery and then in the evening maybe watch a movie with some of the kids from her church. The next day I'll be heading home, which I think I'm ready for but wish i'd have a day or two off to get used to a sleep pattern again before startin back into my course instead of jumpin right in, but it'll be an interesting experiment.

Well ciao for now :oD


At 11:24 PM, Anonymous Sarah The Squeeze said...

Hey ho me dear,

Just a wee message to congratulate ya on what you have achieved over the past few weeks, and welcome home!

Love and prayers,

sarah xoxoxo


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